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Monday, May 29, 2006

I knew he had it in for me

I mentioned in an earlier post, may have been in the last one not sure, that Christopher has been really good lately. Well, it's slowly coming to an end. Today I was so tired and feeling sick I tried to get both kids down for their naps at 12:30pm. It worked for Alyssa but the little man was a different story. I put him in his room, explained to him that we would do something fun when he got up from his nap, maybe a park. He says "Okay, alright" I am not sure he understands what that means or I could be wrong since he says it at the right times! 2 hours of silence had passed and I took a very short nap in between that time. I heard very quiet noises and thought it was the neighbors but it was really Christopher. He had been playing all this time. I entered the room and luckily for all of you who read this I did not take a picture. The room was a mess. His basket of stuffed animals was emptied, the pillow cases were all off the pillows, the sheets were off the bed and so was the mattress. I have yet to discover how he does this(the mattress). I saw all of this before I layed eyes on the boy. From the waist down he was naked. I scoped out the room looking for what I hoped I would not see. Then I asked him, Where is your diaper? He immediately headed for the corner where he had disposed of the "clean" thing. However when he picked it up.....Oh boy.....It was hidden nicely underneath the unsoiled pull-up. He simply pointed to the mess and said "YUCK!" Yuck for me, the one who has to clean it. I stood there staring at it, as I imagined him squatting in the corner like a dog!! Pretty funny. So, if I want to keep things positive, I can say that this is another big step in his potty training. He does not want to poop in the pull-up. The trouble is he won't poop in the potty either so where does that leave me?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A few minutes too late

Thursday I had planned to brave it with the kids at Legoland. We have quite the morning. Our biggest incident occured around 9 am. I checked my e-mail as usual, then I went to water Chris' tomato plant which I usually do not do. About 1 minute later I hear a loud crash. Something had broken but the kids were asleep so I wasn't too concerned. I heard someone yell "Shit" Then a maintenance man, came running with a very disturbed look on his face, he saw me on the patio and said, "Ma'am do you live here?" Uhm.....no......I am the hired help!!!!!! I said "yes". He apologized profusely before he even told me why. Then he said, "I just broke your window." Oooookay. You would never believe it. It was the dining room window next to the computer where I had been sitting about 1 minute earlier. Glass was everywhere and made it all the way to the kitchen. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to my arm and face if I had not gotten up! So they came in and cleaned up and ordered a new one and replaced it a few hours later.

In between the crash and the window replacement, I decided to take the kids to Legoland. Alyssa and Christopher were glued to the TV watching Blue's Big Musical Movie. So I made a run for it. Half my clothes was off before I even got to the shower. I could be in and out in a few minutes. And I was too!

When I got out this is what I saw. It's not lotion as I had initially thought. It was Diaper Rash cream, the Huggies Brand. It was all over the sofa and carpet and you see his face! I grabbed him up and put him in the tub. I cannot tell you how hard it was to get this stuff off even with soap and a wash cloth! I was so bummed after all the excitement, I just took the kids for a short drive to Starbucks and the McDonalds drive-thru for some fries. Man....oh man.......

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My little big man

Christopher is becoming such a helpful young man. He loves his baby sister and it shows. Didn't know at this age it could. He's 2 yrs and 3 months. Just the little things that he does surprisingly helps a lot. Like throwing Alyssa's diaper in the garbage, he can go in the refrigerator for his cheese or juice, he can also climb the kitchen counter for his apples(not good), he brings me things when I ask for them, he can clean his room and now daddy is trying to teach him to fetch his beer from the refrigerator. Figures! He also gets pretty upset when Alyssa cries, as long as he didn't make her cry. Yes. My son has began taking great pleasure in making his sister cry. I'm not sure why it's so much fun to him. Mayve he feels powerful, not sure. He goes up to her really close and screams "Aahhhhhh" and that does it. She jumps out of fear and begins to cry and he starts laughing. Such cruelty at a young age.

He's been pretty good for the past couple of days which means I may be in for it soon or hopefully not. Today, after his nap, I've been promising him to play catch with his ball outside. So I finally delivered on my promise today. The neighbors have a daughter. I think she may be 4 but she is the cutest thing, aside from my baby girl ofcourse, with the prettiest dimples. Today her mom came outside also and told her to ask Christopher to play. This is a first. We've been here almost 1 yr. Anyways, so she had a ball too only it was a little bigger than ours and I guess that made it better. To Christopher atleast. Sooooo.....they're playing roll the ball, throw the ball and kick the ball and all is well until my son gets a pretty sneaky look in his eyes with a devious smile. He takes the ball from Amy, I only learned her name today, and takes off running. She takes off behind him chasing him and smiling. They were so quiet though. No screams of excitement just large smiles on their faces. This went on for quite sometime. Back and forth across the lawn. I sat there thinking that he really loves to make little girls chase him not boys just girls. This was not the 1st or 2 nd time for that matter. He's so young for this.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Featuring "~Alyssa~" on Keyboards

What talent at such a young age. I can't even play one and look at the her!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Things that go "oh" In the Night ;-)

Last night, I was relaxing on the sofa, when I heard some pretty odd noises coming from...somewhere! I checked on the kids, I think, that is just out of habit. My patio door was opened so I decided to go out side to try to discover where these strange noises were coming from. I don't hear very well so it took me longer than usual. At last I discovered it's source. The neighbours, who were not close to our condo in anyway. I was still confused as to exactly what these noises were and at first I thought some lady was crying. How silly of me. It became even clearer and louder in a few seconds and I realized what it was. I guess some folks were having quite the session. I wish they would have closed their windows. I became extremely annoyed and I thought they were being inconsiderate but I guess that was the last thing on the female's mind. She was the loudest thing I had ever heard. In a very short space of time, I learned that the guy's name was Brian and she was unmistakedly some undiscovered Porn star. Atleast she sounded like one. I wonder if my husband and I are that loud and just don't know it? Hopefully neither of them had to go to work they were up pretty late......

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My grown up baby girl

Pretty Nice lala!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hurray for Alyssa!

My baby supported herself while holding on to the sofa for a few seconds today. I don't have a picture of her standing up because when I started to move away to get the camera, she was sitting down before I even go to my feet. She had been watching daddy sleep on the sofa and was trying to stand up to undoubtedly get to him. It's strange but she seems to develop a sudden bond ever since Mother's Day when he tended to her.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day present (con't)

He pulled it off! That husband of mine really pulled it off. He was so proud of himself that he had to tell everyone of his accomplishment. Isn't it funny how this is such a big deal for him when I do this everyday with no praise? Anyway, it was no trick. I slept in late and our daughter allowed him to change her, feed her and even put her back to sleep. He hasn't done this since she was a few days old and I was admitted to the ER with complications. Oh if only Mother's Day came more times each year I'd be set!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tonight, I cried

No because I'm unhappy
But I cried because I was reminded today how much my husband loves me
I cried because my life is great and I don't always realize it
I cried for my friend, my lucky charm, whose husband is not as kind as mine
She called me this morning running errands on Mother's Day
I cried because my Mother sent me the sweetest card ever
I cried because my husband, my love, who still finds me beautiful, showered me with gifts even though I told him not to
I cried because my kids are happy
I cried for all the moms who never got to hold their unborn babies
I cried because I have the best job in the world
I am a Mother, and I cried tonight because I am happy

One of my Mother's Day presents

I am sitting here trying to make a list for my dear husband on what to do concerning our daughter when he gets up in the morning. He wants me to sleep in late. Late for me is past 10 am. My kids are both very good sleepers. I think it's a trick though because we are supposed to be meeting his mother, sister and her son pretty early in the morning. Whatever, I'll go along with it. Since my loving husband is absolutely clueless with these things, I am going to mix the cereal, hopefully he could manage heating it for the 10 seconds. I will place her fruit on the counter with her spoon on the tiny container. He will never find the spoon if I leave it up to him. I must also include in the note/instructions list that he must get her before she starts fussing in her crib otherwise if she gets too upset, she will not eat and the only thing that will calm her is the boob. He will be helpless if it gets to that point. He will have instructions on how to keep her from sucking on her fingers instead of eating. I am nervous for him because I don't think he will accomplish this small task which would mean I will be awaken at 9:30 am when he starts to panic after Alyssa won't eat and starts to scream.

I wonder if he went to bed thinking hard about it like one would be on the night before a job interview.

So here's to me and getting up "early" on Mother's Day!

Sorry dear for not having any faith in you on this.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Work Of Art

I would have never been so creative myself! Well I can't post the picture but will do so once this site allows me to. I guess I can't really complain. It is free!

Ok, here we go! It's working.

He did it!

I know for some this may be a little gross but I am so proud of my baby I just had to post the picture.

He just went to bed. Why? Well we went through our nightly going to bed routine, grant it, it was done a little later than usual but we did it nonetheless. I think he didn't want me to leave his room. So after a few attempts to stall, like saying he wanted the light off, then on, for several times, asking for water when I knew he wasn't really thirsty and a few other things, he said "potty". I asked him what he said and he repeated himself. Ok, so off to the bathroom we went. He sat there and sampled every tube of lotion that was within sight. I went with it because I really wanted him to go. We sang ABCs, counted to 10 and all that mess. I told him he had to go potty right now otherwise we're going to bed and wouldn't you know it worked! After giving himself a huge round of applause he got up and went to bed where he immediately said potty, again. So I went along with his trick. He did go again then that was it. Off to bed with no fussing.

I am going to stick with this unlike before. He went a few times but it was just too time consuming for me to wait in the bathroom while he just sat there for minutes upon end. Maybe letting him run around in his big boy underwear had a little to do with it I'm not sure but whatever it was I'm pretty happy.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I was flattered

After heading out with both kids in tow to do a little shopping, I stopped at one last store to get some beers for my husband. At the checkout the guy looks at me for a quick minute, then says, "how old are you?" I smiled at him and gave him no answer. I was saying to myself that this guy's got to be kidding. Then I said, "did you just ask me how old I was?" He says yes. So I tell him as I pulled out the ID which I don't even think he looked at. I also had to ask him if I could pass for under whatever the age it is to buy alcoholic beverages. What is it 18 or 21? I don't know but I smiled all the way to the car. Wait until I tell my husband, he'd have quite the laugh too.

I must also confess that tonight I cheated my son out of a full story. He usually gets about 6 or 7 books but tonight I told him he could only have 2. He seemed content with that. One of the books he chose was Harold and the purple Crayon. He wants to read this everynight and I'd just had enough of it. So while I was reading the 2nd page, I skipped to about 4 pages before the end of the book. I looked at him to see if he had realized what his dishonest cheating mommy had just done but he was so tired he just stared at the pages. Oh the shame of it all!

Friday, May 05, 2006

My echo

My son has been entertaining us as usual. This past week he has showed us his new trick. Daddy thinks it's the coolest thing. Just becareful dad. We don't have potty mouths or anything but an occasional bad word may slip out.

Earlier this week I was driving and some fool changed lanes, cut in front of me and drove as fast as someone's grandma could walk. I hate that. I am very impatient when driving and this day I just needed to get where I was going. That's when it slipped out. Yep the f word. Then I heard it again and again. What? He said it several times and I made up a similar word to try to trick him into repeating a nicer one. Wait til dad hears about this. He'll die laughing but it's really not funny.

He repeats us when we're on the phone, sounds on the TV, when we're talking to each other, everything you name it. So dad no fresh talk!

I am also happy to report that I got some sleep. I think the husband felt sorry for me because I looked like an absolute horror when he got home. He sent me straight to bed and tried his best to manage the kids until Alyssa would have no more of it. So he had to wake me but I got about 4 hours.
As his reward, ha, yes his reward, I wish I got a reward from him everytime I took care of the kids. Okay, so I was up whole night last night cooking. I am just a cooking fool since my mom bought me this pressure cooker. It's the best thing I got in quite some time. Quick and easy. The whole place smelled like food and I know he would think he was in heaven when he got up. Well his heaven anyway. He loves food. I continued the cooking when I got up. It was quite the meal. When he got home today, he went in the shower and I got to work on reheating. I served him while he was sitting on the couch so that he could continue to watch the basketball game. Did I mention I also gave my son a haircut today and man he looks sharp! I'll have to take a picture of that tomorrow. I did well today.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Cross Dresser

My son. I vaguely remember hearing that some boys do this at a young age but I can't remember what the parent is supposed to do. First it started with my lip balms. They were always disappearing. Maybe I'll find his hidden stash some day together with his pacifiers that also seem to be missing. I guess the lip balm isn't so serious. That's not a male or female thing. Everybody uses lip balm, I think! Whenever he sees me with it, he holds up his head and sticks out his lips for me to apply it. Okay. Then it was my underwear. How odd that he would go into my drawer and pull them out? Nothing else, not socks, not bras just underwear. I guess I should be grateful he never put them on!
Then came the feminine items. He'd scatter them all on the floor and run around like a madman laughing. Pull them out of their individual wrapping and all. Is it just him being mischievous? Then came my shoes, well slippers. He loves them. I guess that's not too bad either as he also puts on daddy's shoes. This past Friday it was my top as you can see. I am not sure how to handle this as he is still young. Does it start from this age and only get worse? Maybe I am looking too much into this.

Check out those rosy cheeks! And look he's color coordinated also. That's a plus! Hey my son looks great in black!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


How I hate days like today. It went well until I got home. Why do I let people bother me I do not know. Maybe I am just too sensitive of a person. So in addition to some online bickering with someone whom I don't even know, my kids were intent on driving me nuts tonight.
Christopher refused to go to bed even after a busy day without a nap. After numerous trips to his room to tell him to be quiet all of which failed, I went outside to hide. After I thought I could speak calmly to him I went in his room to have our lengthy conversation explaining why he had to go to sleep. This took about 20 minutes and he is only 2! He acknowledged my plea and responded with an "okay" and "alright" when I ended the conversation telling him that mommy had to leave now. I also had to threaten him with not going anywhere tomorrow if he didn't go to sleep right now. I told him we were going to pick Strawberries tomorrow and his reply? "Yummy" How could I stay mad at him?

Alyssa is still constipated and teething. The poor thing. How much worse could it get? My husband made a mess in the kitchen, the living room floor I cannot even see, I have 3 loads of laundry waiting for me outside the laundry room, I still have to make my husband's lunch for tomorrow and I have a headache. And oh shoot, I forgot to mail the package to my mom. Ugh! I don't even know what to do first. Maybe I should just leave everything and tackle it tomorrow but oh how it hurts my eyes to see the mess. I think the few grains of hair I have left are falling out. But only from one side of my head. The right side. I wonder why. I think it's stress. It's happened once before. Hopefully I could hide it well and no one will stare. Oh how I need a cup of tea.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Service Please?

So last night I guess big Chris was feeling a little frisky. If you have children you know how rare these things happen sometimes. The last time we made an appointment and set a time but as usual I arrived late for our "date".

We've recently celebrated our 3 rd anniversary and by the time we both got home from a wonderful dinner we were so pooped that all that was on our mind was sleep. Saturday was the same. So I guess tonight he thought he'd get lucky.

Both kids were a little restless tonight. Well actually only my daughter who is still constipated. Poor thing. The prunes didn't work and only made matters worse because now she has tummy trouble accompanied by gas. Christopher was really worked up and wanted to play so I had a hard time getting him to bed. Big Chris went to bed, both kids were still up. I got my clothes that I would need for after my midnight shower and I was fighting to keep Christopher from re-entering the room to go jump on the bed. Before I managed to close the door, I heard, "I'll be waiting for service tonight dear"! What? The kids aren't even sleeping and it's late, plus i'm tired! I am going to make a sign to put on the door so that he sees it when he gets up in the morning. It will read as follows:

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