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Saturday, April 29, 2006

That Purple Dinasaur

Christopher was watching his usual kid's shows this morning. He has taken a liking to this dinosaur. I hated Barney, that was until this morning. I guess these kids do learn somethings from them. That famous "I love you" song was playing and I was glad because that meant I wouldn't have to listed to his annoying dinosaur voice. My son got so excited and yelled "Mama". I was sitting right here, in front of the computer when he came running towards me with a huge smile and his arms wide open. I can hear the song "......with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.." and that's what he was coming to give me. I received a great big hug and a kiss from my baby. I love Barney!

Strange Humour

My son has picked up a habit, a bad habit that I hope he never does in public. As a matter of fact he really needs to stop it. He's started smacking me on my behind and laughing. Thanks daddy. Ofcourse dad thinks this is really cool. It is for you but not for our son. I guess I better stop smelling his butt when I think he's pooped. We wouldn't want him picking that up. Could you imagine what people will think?

Okay so for some reason my son finds his passing of gas really funny and he's been extra gassy this week, not sure why. Since way back when I used to tell him say excuse me when he does it and finally earlier this week he said it. So he was playing with his mega bloks, ofcourse, building an airplane, and I heard something. I immediately looked at him and he was laughing. Still I wasn't quite sure what it was. Seconds later there's the same noise again only it's really loud and he looks at me and starts cracking up..Rolling on the floor I tell you. This went on for a long time and he was out of breath when he was finished.

Hey this reminds me of a time I laughed so hard, I was about 8 or 9. I laughed so hard that I stopped breathing. In my fit of laughter I had rolled off the bed and onto the floor. My mom was shaking me because I wasn't breathing. Who knew this could happen? Isn't that weird, too much laughing? I wonder if I would have gotten out of it if she were not there? Hmmm...The strange thing is although my eyes were opened and I saw her over me I couldn't hear a thing she was saying. So odd.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Mrs. Worry-some returns

I have a problem. I haven't seeked any help for it as I believe in self-therapy. Something that I've been practicing since college. I'm not sure what triggered this episode today but I don't like it. They hardly ever come back since I've been married and had my babies.

The kids were sleeping and I was trying to relax today and they all came running at me, all at once. It's so overwhelming. I forget what the name of this condition is. I know one exists. It causes me a lot of stress when this happens.
Worrying about many things that I cannot change. What will I do when my mom passes away? If she goes before me that is. I hope my husband is safe at work because I don't know what I'll do if he gets hurt or worse. How will the kids deal with this? Which one of us will die first? I don't want to but I don't want to be alone without my husband. The carpet is such a mess and the toys keep re-appearing. I'm so tired of picking up these mega bloks. I haven't washed the dishes and the sink, both sides, are full. I really didn't want him coming home to this mess today but he is great about it. I have loads of laundry to do and I need to clean Christopher's room. I need to clean my bathroom, well the second bathroom. There are too many things on the counter. I need to vacuum the car. It's a filthy mess. Crumbs of cheese its on the floor in the back seat. Yuck! I've been telling myself to do this all week and it hasn't happened yet. The fish tank is dirty but that is not my project so Chris will have to do it. We have new stains on the carpet. I have to run to Ralphs and rent that carpet shampoo thingy. I wonder if I'll have time tomorrow.

I wonder what I'll cook tomorrow, oh wait no cooking tomorrow. I bought to many paper towels and now they cannot fit in the cabinet. They're on the floor in the dining room area and it's really bothering me. Where should I put them, in the garage? My husband invited my father to come see the kids. He is such a better person than I because I don't want him in my home but I know it's right for the kids to meet their other grandpa. I feel so rotten for feeling this way about my dad but that's another story for another day.

I'm so tired and I can't sleep. My nose hurts. I guess I'll go clean.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's days like this I live for

Look at that face! Simple things brings such joy to a child. He was playing with bubbles. That's all it was. Nothing fancy just water and soap.

Today was wonderful. This must be my reward for surviving yesterday's attack. After having a fun-filled morning at the gardens I decided to join since my son really enjoys this place. I was at the booth talking to the lady as I filled out the application. Christopher was playing hide and seek with her. He was using my leg for his secret hiding spot. As if no one could see him. He listened to me today. He wanted to go back to the car to open the trunk, this is his latest thing which he is very proud of. He likes to climb into the trunk after he unlocks it and tries to close it with him inside. Maybe I'll let him do it one day so he could realize that is no fun. So I am explaining to him why we have to wait and he says, "okay, alright" It never sounds this cute coming from an adult and the lady thought that was the funniest thing. He is smiling at her.

We make it home and we were all in good spirits. Andre Rieu was playing and my daughter is smacking her hands on her legs. She loves this CD and so do I. She's smiling and very much into the music. Christopehr and I sang the alphabet many times until we came home.

He is becoming so helpful and I wonder if all kids are like this at his age. He tries to take off his shoes while I get the sweet potatoes for lala. She loves sweet potatoes. I also decided to give her
some prunes for the first time as she has become a bit constiptated from her banana eating frenzy. She eats them willingly and really enjoys it, so much that I had to taste them myself. I must tell you, they taste great! I'm in the kitchen and Christopher is rocking her and singing one of his original songs that only consisted of the words lala which is what he calls her. I

give him his snack and tell him it's Christopher's nap time, night night. He says night night. I extend my arms and he runs to me with the biggest of smiles. He is hugging me and patting me on the back. Where did he get that from? It was hard for me to let him go but he gives me a kiss and it's off to the room. No fussing. I put lala in her crib and all is quiet. I sat on the sofa, so relaxed and there is a huge smile on my face because my babies are happy today. I called daddy to tell him of the wonderful news.

I have decided to have bubble therapy sessions atleast once a week on the patio. This will be good for all of us.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I was attacked by a stranger today

Wow.......another tough day for me today. I visited a nearby park with a few mommies this morning. It was great, not only because of the company but it was overcast, slightly windy and very cool. The few of us conversed for a short time as the kids played. Christopher was having such a time. It really doesn't take much. This was one of the play structures along with a larger one for older kids and a bigger slide. He ran from one to the other, up and down the slide. He was in heaven as I talked and relaxed with Alyssa.

Well it was time to go and let's just say he wasn't ready. Even though this has not worked for quite sometime, I decided to do the walk away act and pretend like I was leaving him. I think he has wised up to my little tricks because he knew I wasn't going anywhere and he stood his ground. Especially since he was holding on to the keys. It was another way I had tried to coax him into coming along willingly. It still works occasionally. So I am at the trunk and I was calling him and that's when he changed. I saw the mouth turn South and his face turned red. He slapped the side of his thigh and stomped his feet several times as if to say to me, I am staying right here lady and you can't make me move.

Another mommy came to the rescue(one of her sons is older than mine so she understands) and he held her hand as she walked him to the car. Now this is one of his tricks. My son at 2 yrs old has already learned to flirt and manipulate especially women, dad included. I thanked her and she left. He opened my door and the trunk and I thought he has okay but as soon as I walked him to his side to put him in, he erupted. I pick him up kicking and screaming, with a handful of my hair in his hands. I looked in his eyes to try to reach him but I did not see my son. What I saw looked so evil and spiteful with intent to cause me harm. I pinned him to the car seat and was struggling to buckle him in. This took some time and I was kicked in the chest and stomach several times. Gosh it hurt. I had success after quite sometime,(you won't believe how strong this child is) but all was not well. I am usually pretty good at ignoring his occasional whining from the backseat but today it was out of hand. Plus I actually still have a mild headache probably from that hit I took to the nose.

He was still screaming as we left the park and this upset Alyssa and she started hollering. It was in stereo. I'm so glad the park was only about 8 minutes away, because he scream the entire drive home. Only after I switched off the ignition did this monster return my baby to me. It was as if nothing ever happened. He counted the steps as he walked and once we got inside he helped me pick up Alyssa's bibs and burp cloths that I had left on the floor, without me even asking. I thanked him and said "it christopher's sleep time, night night" He said "night night" and he had his milk and went down for his nap. Just like that.

Christopher's lovey

This was my baby tonight. At about 4 months old, my son's cousins in Florida, whom he has never met, sent him a black and white dog. Very fitting I thought! My husband joked about this also. Immediately, my son grew attached to this dog which we named "Spot". I used to go shopping a lot with him when he was younger since he was always quite content just rolling along in the stroller. Most times he'd just fall asleep. When Spot was about 3 months old, that would make my son 7 months at the time, we were on one of our trips to the mall. I had completed my shopping in Robinson's May and was already out the store when my son started fussing. Oh no! I remembered going into a panic when I looked in the stroller and Spot was gone. I returned to Robinson's May where I ask all the clerks I could find. No one had brought a black and white dog back. I even went to the lost and found. He was gone. I was so afraid because I knew my son needed Spot to sleep. I called my husband while driving home almost in tears, trying to imagine how lost my baby would feel without his lovey. After work, my husband went all over looking for this dog and after a little research of the brand I found out that it was carried by Nordstrom. We checked with them and Spot was sold out. Just like that! Anyway, we managed to get a substitute from Walmart that my son actually found acceptable. So my husband went back and bought 2 of them.

Time passed and Spot grew old and dingy but my son never gave him up. I remember being embarassed when my son would be holding on to this grey thing of a stuffed toy. His white parts were no longer white. At night, when he was going to bed I would take Spot's tail and pass it very gently on his face, his tummy, his arms, and he would smile at me. It was very comforting since his most favorite part of Spot was his tail. You would always find him chewing away at or sucking on the tail which is why it smelled so badly. He would have his bottle and strangely he would pause, take the bottle out and suck the tail, then continue with bottle. How odd. So Spot smelled like soured milk. I always expressed concern that our son would somehow get some kind of poisoning from the sour-milk-tail but it never happened.

At 2 yrs old he comforts himself. He passes the tail all over his arms, his tummy, his face but he has made his own additions. When he is being changed he rubs the tail on places I would rather not say. I say, "no Christopher" and he laughs. I know kids like to explore and the only reason I tell him no is that he likes to share Spot especially with his Grandpa when he visits and guess what part of Spot he likes to put to everyone's noses. Yep the tail. My entire family knows of Spot and his long history and one day when he offered the tail to Grandpa, I couldn't allow it and simply said, "You may not want to touch that, it's been in private places." Grandpa couldn't stop laughing. I wonder what he'll surpise us with next.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

So many unanswered questions

So my husband was talking to me today and I realized I couldn't hear him. Immediately I put on my glasses and miraculously my hearing return. What's up with that?

I thought about it so long and hard as my husband didn't understand why I needed my glasses to hear him and neither did I. This may be a long shot but since I don't hear very well due to a childhood incident that I won't go into right now, I am thinking that I make up for this loss my reading lips. I've never really noticed that I read lips though so I could be wrong. We'll see. I'll have to make a serious effort to check this theory out.

Anyway, after this puzzling event, I posed these questions to him looking for answers. This is not the first time but I thought it was a good time to do so. And once again he had none for me, so here are some of the things that run through my mind:

When the time changes be it backward or forward, do the birds get confused? I know they get up when the sun rises but like us when there are such changes in time however minute it may be, it still takes some time to adjust. I wonder.

What the heck is up with the braille at the drive-thru ATMs? Is it a standard machine that all the banks use? Because a sight impaired person better not be behind the wheel. Maybe if they're in the back seat? Now that may explain it.

Why are you instructed to drink so much water when taking a diuretic? Isn't the whole point to get rid of it?

Why does my husband keep putting tupperware in the dishwasher? We've already had several melting accidents.

Why doesn't anyone listen anymore? My answering machine clearly states whose residence you've reached yet people with wrong numbers keep leaving these lengthy messages! I hate that.

Why can't I lose this baby weight? I go to the gym, I am eating more healthy and I'm still breastfeeding but the scale won't move!

Why cant some brilliant scientist really invent a money tree. They've invented everything else!

Why can't my husband's legs get any color. They're sooo pale!

Do fish feel pain? I hope not because my Oscars abuse one another. One of them takes the worst of the attacks all the time. The boy fish keeps beating up the girl fish like a violent marriage or something. She has a lot of holes on her head. It's simply awful!

Why can't they get a better intercom system at the drive-thru? I am so tired of repeating myself and still they get the order wrong. I said no whip-cream plus you should know me by now I'm there everyday for the same drink! Ugh

I'll stop now because I am actually getting all worked up and annoyed. I just need some answers.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Head Collision

My son almost broke my nose today. I can't believe I forgot about this. Lala and I were playing on the floor and he was playing hide and seek with some imaginary being. I stood her up, since she thinks she can do it by herself. She actually supported herself for a few seconds and then it happened. Apparently little Chris got really excited when he saw her "standing up" because I recall a high pitch scream and before I could protect myself, that head was charging full speed and then there was pain. It must have been a reflex of some sort but I guess I moved my daughter out of his path in time. He rammed me with his enormous head. Off flew my glasses. The force threw us backwards and both me and lala tumbled to the floor. Christopher is handing me my glasses and I grab them from him.

I was still holding her with my right arm and thankfully she landed softly. Not a peep from her. Well before I knew it I was crying. I didn't even mean to. It hurt yes but usually when you are going to cry you feel it coming on. Not today. I yelled at him and ran to the bathroom still holding my girl. I've never had a broken nose but I can't imagine it feeling any worse than this. I expected to see some blood but there was none.

Big Chris who had fallen asleep on the sofa woke up with all the commotion. I guess I yelled pretty loudly. He ran over to me. There were still tears on my face. I told him what his son had done and how badly it hurt. He kneeled in front of me and kissed me twice ever so gently on my nose and said, like I do with my son, "there, all better". And do you know what it was. I love this man.

My anger had disappeared even though it still hurt but just not as much. I've had a headache since but it's okay. Maybe my husband also has those super powers that I possess, they just work for different people!

We're finally getting somewhere

I wasn't prepared for this. My son must have been the greediest baby ever because I started him on cereal at 4 months and never had problems with him not eating. He had also magically mastered the pushing of food to the back of his throat and he hardly ever gagged! Not so with this little Miss. My 1st attempt was a week after her 6 month checkup. Dr. Rendler said that although she was very healthy, it was time to start the Cereal since babies need Iron at this age. (sigh) I was enjoying not having the extra bowl to wash. Well it didn't go so well the 1 st time and I gave up immediately and told myself that she was not ready.
There were a few other attempts to get her to eat the cereal but it appeared that this child really hated the taste. I can't say I blame her but I thought babies, at this age, couldn't taste that well. Anyway, yesterday I mixed the cereal with Stage 1 Bananas and lo and behold she was opening her mouth for the next spoon. Wow....Is that all it took? You should have seen her. She was so excited over these bananas that she started rocking back and forth. I was afraid the little rocker would topple over. Her hands were all over the place and today she finished the tiny jar. I'm so proud of my lala.

Friday, April 21, 2006


He was working for a smaller airline back then

I remember some time back a lot of people were inquiring about my screen name. This is my one and only brother, Michael AKA d_a_v8r, with his daughter Mikaela and wife Michelle . I am only writing this to secretly confess how proud I am of his achievements. I've never told him this. Even though he is older than I by 3 yrs, in many ways he is like a younger brother. He's totally clueless when it comes to just plain ole common sense. Book sense is all he has.

I haven't seen my brother in years. The last time we saw each other was when I visited my mom in NY and we all went skiing. Well that was 2 years before I had my son. So lets see.....4 yrs ago! Mikaela is 1 yr 4 months old and it hurts my heart that I have never met her. They live thousands of miles away in Trinidad. He's never met his niece and nephew either. Thank the blinking stars for internet and technology otherwise I don't know what we'd do. We communicate via messenger, e-mail and web cam.

I can't tell you how long I have been pestering this boy.....ahem....man to send me a picture of him all geared up in his uniform, hat included. That was my special request, he needed to have the hat on. Well needless to say I never got that picture and this was the closest thing to it so I'm grateful. Anyway, that's all I have to say on that. No need to crowd my blog with stories of my brother when this is really all about me.

Okay so back to the name tag.....did you get it? I'm d_a_v8rslilsis. Pretty brilliant huh? For the slower ones among us it reads....the aviator's little sis

2 Day Old Apple and a little scare

Now, let's be honest. Would you eat this apple? I know you're wondering why in the world I even have a picture of this but I take pictures of pretty much everything throughout the day. I thought it interesting that we as adults would easily throw this away and deem it as old or spoiled. Well my son is 2 and he doesn't know this yet. And so the scheme begins. It was by no means our last apple but why should I throw it away? 2 days ago my son asked me for an appple. I gave it to him whole. Well he nibbled and nibbled and then said, "All done!" (No you're not baby!). I slipped it in a zip-lock baggy. The next day he asked for an apple again. I cut off the little bites that were left in it, and all the brown, much like what you see now and gave it to him. He ate it with no problem but he still did not finish. I placed the remnance in a clean zip-lock baggy. So this is what was left before he had his last share last night. Only this time I felt a little guilty for secretly playing this evil trick on my son, so I peeled it and sliced it and now the apple is no more. Hey I just saved 2 apples.

So a short time after, I decided to make myself a cup of tea. I drink tea on a regular basis and am probably addicted to a few like Jasmine, Chai, Peach, Mint, actually the list can go on and on. I was in the kitchen, boiling water for this much-looked-forward-to cup of tea. My son was observing from the dining room. All of a sudden he ran up to me and planted his little hand on the stove. I screamed, even louder than he. In his 2 years alive or I should say 1 year and and some months since he started walking he has never ever put his hand on the stove. He usually says from afar, "hot, hot" and I say, "yes, very, very hot". He's a pretty tough little man and after I grabbed him up and kissed the pain away like only a mother can he was fine in less than a minute.

That's another thing I am proud of. These super powers that I possess which no one else has. Not even Daddy. Not even Grandma, who usually has a magic cure for all. Isn't that something? I feel like I need to wear a cape sometimes with a humongous "M" on it. I'm so cool!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last Night

I enjoy taking pictures of my kids, who doesn't? I call them mini-photo shoots. I just thought I'd mention. I'd always thought my son's head was a little large. Well a few days ago I bought him some sun-glasses from The Children's Place that were sized for 2 -4 year olds. Well my son is 2. Just turned 2 in February. You can't see it from this photo but they are much too small for him. Off to the store I will go to get the next size up, 4 - 8 years old.

Since I can remember my son who has become quite the camera hog, would pose once he saw me pull out the camera. Now it would seem as though he has passed on his talents to his sister. I'm so proud of this photo. Proud of the kids. I must confess when I get great shots like this one, I send them to almost everybody in my address book. Some of those who don't have kids and you know how that goes. What they must think of me. Conceited momma of 2 gorgeous babies, always junking up my inbox with large kid photos.........Just keep on talking people.....I don't care. I love my family and you should too!

Oh so very, very tired

Today was a tough day for me. Then again what day isn't. Since my mom left from her short visit on Tuesday I've been trying to adjust to getting up at about 9am. It's becoming a little more hard since Alyssa wants to roll and I just can't lay her on the bed anymore while I nap. So.......anyway, I fed Alyssa and she is napping. I lay on the couch while Christopher watches his kids shows. Well I guess I dozed off because I was awaken to snores coming from my son. He is standing in front of me laughing and trying his best to mimic the monster sounds coming from a sleeping mommy. It was pretty funny. It's only 11:29 am and he will have an early nap today. Mommy must get some sleep.
You see those eyes, that is how I felt whole day.....
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