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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I had a good day...

I told you he stole her doll. Did I post this already? Who knows but it's worth a second look if I did.
My Shanghai Princess(sorry quality bad due to poor lighting)

with the exception of a couple incidents. I was feeling firey today and was prepared not to take any mess from anybody. Don't get me wrong I was in a great mood! Chris hired me for a project. I am to make drapes for the dining room and living room windows. It was a little problematic because the stupid windows are unusually wide, which meant more money than usual for the curtain rods. Anyway, my deadline is Monday. But since I aim to please, I will have them ready by morning. Atleast that's what I am telling myself.
Her Cynthia (husband's mom) bought it from there ~ I'll tell you about that tomorrow

So I went to JoAnn's to get the material for the drapes. I am also making lap blankets to donate to Alzheimer's patients for the Holidays, so I was on the look-out for some fabric for that also. I was in the that store for quite some time when I spotted something that would work.

I grabbed up the whole bolt of fabric. It was 10 yards and I knew it wouldn't be enough. I searched all over but that was the only one so I had to look for something that would match. I found the same drapes only it was in a different colour, but there were only 3 yards left. I have to work some serious magic tonight.
Anyway I went to have them measure it out to give me the ticket with the price. There were 2 measurement tables so I got in 1 line. One of the ladies who was cutting, said, "I'm sorry, but there is only one line." So I get in the main line and when she was finished cutting for the lady in front of me, this chick showed up from nowhere and placed her fabric on the table. The funny thing is the cutting woman started to help her.

Man I was ready for this. I said, really loudly so that everyone around would hear, "Excuse me! Am I standing in the wrong line? Because you (and I rudely pointed to her) told me
to stand over here. So which is it?" You should have seen her face. She paused for a while then told the lady, "Oh I'm sorry but the line is over there" Whatever chickie. Everyone did turn to look at me but my tone was not nasty, it was just a "no nonsense" tone. So I caused a little scene.

That was that. I decided to treat myself since I was out. So I bought this for me. Oversized 6 x 8 Hinoki Pagoda Candle
I was pregnant with my son in the photo in this photo. This was also the day my husband told his family that I was expecting. I think I was 4 months along

It was the very last one at Pier 1 and it was all mine. However I was much too cheap to get a holder for the poor candle so a plate would have to do.

Back in the car to head over to Mervyns. The husband wanted some shorts but to my surprise there was none. Shouldn't it be on the clearance racks atleast? All I saw were long sleeve this and long pants that. Californians, some of them, tend to over-react about their "winter". Some of us will still be in flip flops like me and I know my husband who is accustomed to CO winter will be in shorts in December. Anyway I left with no pants but I did get some capris and a blouse for myself. I also ran into Toys R Us since it was right there, looking for the bubble machine that produced all those bubbles in the last post but they tell me it's a Seasonal item. Stupid Nonsense! What the heck? Have these people forgotten that we're in California?

I also stopped at Walmart and got this too. It's a pretty large candle. I only hope it smells good. If it doesn't I'll put it in the husband's bathroom. It says Zanzibar but it really smells like a Cinnamon Christmas Candle that I had once. Who do they think they're kidding?

Then it was off to the grocery store. The husband called whining about how his throat hurts so I went to get some NyQuil. One item was all I wanted. In and out right! Well the 10 item or less express line was closed and this grocery didn't have the self check-out. Only 2 lanes were open. It sucked. People were complaining and grumbling. It's not the usual grocery I go to so I didn't know what to expect. But they opened all of the lines in a few minutes.
My mom sent me a package. This is how it arrived. I'll tell you about that tomorrow too. It was not sent this way.

I had 2 people in front of me. The lady who was being rung up only had like 8 items but there was a holdup. I was growing impatient and very annoyed so I peeped to the front to see what was really going on. I saw the WIC checks. Now I don't know how this works but apparently there was a bit of a problem with the lady getting 1 whole milk and 1low fat. Oh it went on and on, she was telling the lady "you need 2 of the same either 2 with red covers or 2 with blue covers" unfortunately there was also a language issue oh it sucked I tell you.

The man behind me started getting really upset. "Why are you making such a big deal over this?" I heard him say, "just ring the thing up. What is it like $0.20 difference". Comments were flying left and right between him and the man in front of me who said his "beer was getting warm". I felt so bad for the lady. Now everybody knew her "WIC" business. I think the cashier could have handled it better. After all that, would you believe the teller was wrong? The woman could get any milk she wanted.

Laundry here I come. I got this for me too!

Finally out of there and home here I come. Well the street was blocked off. I did manage to get a good look at the scene though. I saw an SUV then a motorcycle. Well the back wheel was stuck underneath the front of the vehicle. The bike was looking all ready to be ridden. It was still upright! Didn't look
damaged or anything but I would imagine if that is how it ended up then the motorcyclist was undoubtedly thrown off the bike. Who knows how fast they were going and who knows where he/she landed after being thrown. There were so many police cars there and ambulances were on the way.


  1. Of course the teller was wrong about the WIC. It's pretty specific as to brand but not as to fat content. At least not yet.

    I had 3 on WIC at once and I've been known to let someone in line with just a few items go ahead of me. Unless they've changed it, each of those coupons has to be signed in front of the teller. At least now that they're computerized, it's simpler. It used to take me almost 30 minutes. I'd try to hit the "off" hours at the store (which always has to be the same store).

  2. I've heard so many people say that people on WIC or welfare are in it for a free ride. Wrong! It's so hard to get and harder to use. People should be more compassionate.

    Mark told me recently about receiving packages in the Philipines. He came to the US when he was 18. Every package was opened. That was often because he ordered from catalogs and had relatives far away. People were just so poor they'd try anything to find just a little.

    Kudos to you for making in the blankets. Your work is so nice. I'm sure they will love them.

    Christopher looks so peaceful there with HIS dollie.

    Alyssa looks as if shes ready so show someone whats what in that outfit.

  3. I'm curious about this package? has the USPService gone mad?

  4. I love the picture of your son with his baby! If he loves it anywhere near as much as he seems to, my heart is MELTING.

    Also, we buy the Downy Simple Pleasures whenever it's on sale at Target. I usually supplement our usual fabric softener: the good stuff for loads of towells and sheets!

  5. Good for you telling her where to go!


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