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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Her Cynthia (husband's mom) bought it from Shanghai

Okay, my husband's mom, yes my mother-in-law, has some issues. She loves the grandbabies and she has another grandson by her daughter. He is not allowed to call her grandma. No one must know she is old enough to have grand kids. So everyone must learn to call her Cynthia. She's not nasty about it, it just her preference.

Now before you say, what the hell is wrong with this woman, well I sort of understand what her problem is. She was married at a very young age. Had her first at a very young age. After her husband passed away and she met my father in law, 10 years later she had a son, my husband. She has always been a stay at home mom and apparently she sort of broke loose when the kids were grown. As mentioned in an older post the husband's dad and mom are separated but very good friends.

She had a horrible childhood. Her mother had no idea how to raise children.
We've heard the stories of her being in a closet and her mother not knowing what to give her to eat. There was some mental illness with her mom too. The stories go on and on and I think she turned out okay.

So now she finally can do what she's always wanted to, she is taking full advantage of it. She is a photographer for Tennis Magazine. If you're into it you may see her work sometime. Last name Lum. She travels all over the world with the tours and parties like a teenager.

At one point my husband was not too pleased with her dating men his age but after I explained a few things to him he gave it up. Plus I told him just be happy for the crazy woman. She's nuts but she is a lovely woman in all ways.

My mom sent me a package. This is how it arrived. It was not sent this way.

My mom sent me some tea from London. She'd been going on about the tea for the longest time. One of her friends brought it for her. "You have to taste it", she would say. So she sent a bunch to me, 2 ziplock bags full. Now I didn't know this at the time I opened the envelope. She also sent a sealed envelope with some coupons.

When I took the thing out the mailbox the tea smelled so strong even in the zip lock bag. So my husband and I both came to the conclusion that they(whoever that department is) opened the package since I believe people use this to mask the smell of drugs or explosives which a dog may detect.

When I called to tell her about the package, I asked her where the other tea bags were since she told me she was sending some round ones, but the ones I got were all triangular in shape. I figured she just forgot to include it. I also thought they would all be in one bag so I was in fact searching through the bag with the triangular ones thinking she mixed them in.

She said, "what"? I had 2 zip lock bags full of tea in there. I told her there was only one. So the last time we spoke she said she would go talk to the man in the post office. She knows him pretty well. She was away this weekend so we didn't speak about it but I think she will go tomorrow. She didn't insure the package so there will be no claim filing but she said it would give her peace of mind to ask him what could have happened.

So I guess someone really likes tea on their end because they have a whole bag full!


  1. Alyssa looks adorable.

    I know a few young moms who when they were older, had to "relive" what they think they missed.

  2. Sorry about the package, that's a bummer. But on a happy note, that daughter of your is just the cutest little thing!

  3. Cynthia sounds like a very fun loving person. She is doing way too much with that outfit she sent alyssa. Just kidding. Hey!!! gotta be happy for her right? :)

    Sorry about the package. That sucks.

  4. Oh my goodness - Alyssa looks just darling in that outfit from Cynthia. Your children are precious. Sorry about the package - I can't believe that happens, well I can but then to seal it with the shoddy tape job and then mail it like that? WTH? So tacky. So how'd you like the tea that you did receive?

  5. Thanks everybody

    I did enjoy the tea. I also couldn't believe they busted open my package. The thing is and my mom was telling me, if it were inspected by the USPS they would have to leave a stamp of some sort so we have concluded someone just stole it.


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