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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


At the gardens today
I am ashamed of myself. Well the husband wasn't "UP" to anything... hehehe Tanyetta. Sadly one set of the roses aren't doing too well even though I had the air running whole day. It's been super hot for the past couple of days here. I think it's over though. Shoot, we're in November, enough of this heat.

Why does he always have to climb?
We went to the QB Gardens today and the boy had such a great time. We were there for almost 2 1/2 hours. Climb, climb, climb that's all he loves to do. And watch the train ofcourse.
Playing in sand is serious business
I keep having these dreams of my teeth shaking. Out of all these dreams I believe the tooth actually fell out only once.

See what I mean, always climbing

What could that mean? I am so curious. Wait until I tell my mom. Her explanation for these dreams should be a funny one.


  1. The urge to climb is also something that Mr. Personality shares. It gets worse.

  2. Heres what my Dreamer's Dictionary says about teeth:

    Losing teeth is a common symbol in a dream indicating a change in the way the dreamer assimilates what is learned. Am I assimilating the knowledge available to me? Some people collect information without ever applying it to themselves or their lives. This wasted energy. "Chew" on new ideas, assimilating their meaning and import to your Self and your life.

    My other book says that you might actually be grinding your teeth in your sleep and are dreaming about it. Are you anxious or stressed about something?

  3. Hmm...can't help on the teeth thing, but I have to say your kids are the cutest and you take them to what looks like some of the most fun places. We need to move. LOL

  4. I dreamed the other night that a big yellow school bus was trying to run me down.

    You think maybe stress?


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