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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cold, Cold, go away

No not the weather. Although I wish California would actually get cold. It's us. My whole family is sick, even the husband. Night before it was just the kids. They took turns waking up screaming so mommy had no rest. I was so tired. Alyssa was the worst. She could barely breathe through her little nostrils and they were all crusty from snot.

When morning came it was me and then later in the day, daddy came down with a sore throat and cough. Miraculously the kids have improved well enough that I think I'll take them outside tomorrow, well later today. No one has gotten up screaming since they went down.

She doesn't have a name yet but when I asked Christopher what her name was he said "Chris"

Last night, Tuesday night, I took Christopher to Walmart to get some trick or treat pails. No his outfit is not completed or even started for that matter but atleast he has a pail and so does Alyssa. I also bought Alyssa her first doll.

It was hard for me since I never played with the things myself. Instead I let my son pick one out. Although I think she could have been a bit cuter, she is brown. I have to take what I can get. I'll get a bunch of different colour ones but I wanted to start off somewhere. Christopher got the last one for us. The shelves were empty.

Notice the hand supporting her head

As you can see he really took to the thing. I kept reminding him that he can take care of the baby tonight but tomorrow he has to give her back to Alyssa. He said okay but I know it will be a different story come tomorrow.

Yes it even had it's own pacifier which he constantly kept putting in and taking out of it's mouth. He was so gentle with the doll and he took her to bed with him. He made her dance and all. He told me she was tired and that it was bed time. He covered her with his blanket and made me give her a hug and kiss. He's such a gentle boy when he wants to be. I'm thinking this may help him to be a little more gentle with Alyssa and not push her so hard or try to sit on her. I told him if he is rough with the baby, the baby will get hurt and start to cry. Just like your baby sister Alyssa.

He even got the wipes and wiped her. That's what he is doing in this photo. He told me she had, "poop in her pants" and those were his exact words.

I had read somewhere that it was healthy for boys to have a dolls too, so I will look for a boy doll for him so that he will give this one up easily. I hope.


  1. Wow, somebody's been paying attention to mom. What a great little caretaker he is. You've raised himm right.

  2. How sweet! And there is definitely a lingering cold going around. Mr. P still has one, and it has been a week and a half.

  3. My son used his teddy bears as babies. He would dress then in his old baby clothes - booties and all. He would also wrap them up newborn burrito style.

    The funny thing is that he still does this sometimes. Just this morning he tucked his favorite bear into his bead, turned off the lights, closed the blinds, and made sure we whispered because his baby was sleeping.

    Sure as hell it's healthy for boys to pretend to be parents. Just as healthy as it is for girls!

  4. I hope your whole family feel better soon! And I think your son is just so adorable!

  5. How sweet! There are some cool boy baby dolls. Cabbage Patch does a good job for that. They even have lots of colors to choose from.

    We also had the two day cold here. Airborne did the trick for me, so I was safe. But Mark's been fighting it for a week and a half. His smoking makes colds unbareable. The first signs of emphysema here. He's in denial.

    Hope you're better soon.

  6. I think it's great no matter the sex of the doll.

  7. He is so sweet. He will make a perfect father one day. Do you have a stroller for his baby? DJ has one. Yes, one more thing to give his daddy a heartattack. LOL

  8. Aww, that is so sweet. I've thought about getting Aaron a cabbage patch doll - I'm sure his dad will have an absolute and total fit. LOL


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